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How do I track my order?



  • Kaitlyn Brunet
    Kaitlyn Brunet

    1319293 order number, ordered September 29th. App says order placed, no tracking number. Location? Why is it taking so long for a tracking number?

  • Jason Case
    Jason Case

    Placed order over a week ago and still no response on if it's even shipped yet

  • Tim Crowhurst
    Tim Crowhurst

    I received an order confirmation on 11/29/21. However I did not receive a tracking number. I also have not received my order.

  • Adeena Balliraj
    Adeena Balliraj

    I placed my order more than a week ago, I have not received any confirmation on if it was shipped or when it would be shipped after reaching out to customer service. 

  • Janice Daly
    Janice Daly

    I have not received tracking and confirmation was over a week ago. I'm worried about Christmas and not very happy as I got no response to inquiry eithet

  • Ben Zilka
    Ben Zilka

    I made an order Monday December 13th and I still have not received any sort of shipping information. I did reach out to try to find out if my order would would make it to me by Christmas, and all I got were articles with keyword responses but it still didn't answer my question. If things aren't going to get people by Christmas, you should at least warn them before they purchase it that it'll arrive after Christmas

  • Michele McDanelname
    Michele McDanelname

    Placed order and received tracking. Order still not received 2 weeks later, FedEx tracking shows it stuck across the country but that's all the ChatBot can tell me. No ability to talk to a person, ChatBot is like being stuck in a circle of Hell. 


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